Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lovin' What I Do

For the last few years I have always wanted a Honda Pilot. (Yes, there is a little bit of "soccer mom" in me that I would want a practical but yet cute car to haul the family around in...but not enough for a mini-van!).

You know I really didn't think it was going to happen anytime soon, because I wanted to make sure and pay cash for it (I need another payment like I need a hole in the head). Well, the time finally came...I worked hard enough to get a new Honda Pilot! I just got it last Wednesday and it is everything that I thought it would be. Some very close friends (P& know who you are!) knew how much I wanted one and they encouraged/supported me all of the way to getting one. How exciting!

I wouldn't have got this nice car had I not worked so hard in my job. Property Management isn't easy, but the rewards of busting my tail to get it done and get it done right certainly has paid off. Now I can cross this off of my Life's To-Do List! Oh and did I mention...I love rentals!