Sunday, November 26, 2006

Your Non-Traditional Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving was anyting but traditional. First, the weather here in Missouri was absolutely wonderful! It was a very pleasant 68 degrees and sunny. We also spent our Thanksgiving at Tablerock Lake where my kids enjoyed throwing rocks in the lake and soaked up the sunshine. We spent our Thanksgiving dinner with our best friends, The Dizmang's, and their extended family. It was a beautiful day and although it was not a typical Thanksgiving in the way of spending it with our relatives in Nebraska, we were thankful that we have such good friends to spend it with here. We can only hope that this will become one of our new Thanksgiving traditions. As they say, "thank goodness you can choose your friends". Family can be crazy!

So now I am ready to work my little fingers to the bone over the next few weeks before Christmas. It takes a lot to prepare for the year end, not only in the office, but for all of our Investor's properties. With the help of my broker, Paul, we are in the process of creating our 2007 business plan and budgets. Our theme is "Focus" because we are finding the best place to put our focus into. Of all the great things we have planned, I can only share this: it is going to be an awesome year in 2007.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The NAR Convention Wrap Up

Almost 20,000 REALTORS attended the annual National Association of REALTORS (NAR) convention and expo in New Orleans the weekend of November 9-13, 2006. Paul, Jay and myself attended this event and here is the video of a few of the things that we got accomplished while we were there. For more information visit the (417) Dwellings blog or our company site.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Killing Many Birds with 1 Stone on the Tradeshow Floor

Today was a good day (work-wise), Jay and I hit the tradeshow floor for several hours and checked out all the stuff that they had for REALTORS. We figured that we hit several birds with one stone...meaning, we replenished our office supplies by getting many many free pens from the vendors...I got stuff for my 2 little boys with all the trinkets they hand out...we found a box truck with a rotating billboard that would be great for our company...we entered many drawings at vendor's booths for a free iPod (Christmas presents---ka-ching!---if we win) a free massage at one of the booths... the one thing we haven't figured out yet, is this whole e-Pro designation for REALTORS. (Inside Joke!)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Progress Taking Place in New Orleans

Well, I had hoped that I would have more pictures of the Katrina ravaged areas I have seen. I have just been inside all day attending classes and seminars here at the National Association of REALTORS annual convention. Although New Orleans has made huge progress, there are still some areas that need a lot of work. I think that the city feels deserted.

Today was such a busy day. I attended so many classes on everything from marketing to running a better business. It seems like attendance is way down at the convention this year. Here are a few pictures. The guy in the one picture is Allan Dalton who is the founder of, the biggest web site in real estate.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Houston, We Have A Landing!

We have landed in Houston!
Jay and I survived the bumpy ride to Houston and now we're layed-over here for the next 1 and 1/2 hours.
So, here are the erratic things that Jay has said to me (just a few among the many)...
"Blog about me flying the airplane and post a picture of me in the cockpit."
"Ask the flight attendant what kind of gravy they are serving with the snack."
"When we get to New Orleans, I'm going to go rent a costume from a costume shop and just walk down the street to see how many looks I get." (huh?!?)
Who knows what Jay will say next, but I'll certainly keep you posted.
The closer we get to convention (New Orleans) the more motivated I get. I got a lot of planning done on the plane. I started penciling out our 2007 office budgets, our 2007 business plan, a list of current and pending projects to be done, etc. etc. Now I have pages and pages of notes for you, Paul, to expand upon so we can finalize and implement our new super plan. Heads up boss-man, I've gotta a lot of work for you already. :)
I'll post again when I get to jambalaya land!

Off to New Orleans!

Every year around November, the National Association of REALTORS has their annual real estate convention. As an office, we try to go every year, but this year is a hair different than the ones in the past. We are doing a "divide and conquer" thing. My colleague, Jay Reasor, and I going down their a couple of days earlier than Paul. Paul will meet us there on Sunday. This year, the convention is in New Orleans. It will be interesting to see how the city has progressed since Hurrican Katrina.

I am looking forward to convention this year. It not only motivates me to streamline things in the office, but it also helps me see areas where we can improve and where we have improved. All of us from the office are bringing our cameras and we are going to document this convention with pictures and videos. And then, my plan is to blog about it each and every day.

So, here it is, Thursday 11:49am and Jay and I are driving to Tulsa, to catch our 3:55pm flight to New Orleans. I have taken a picture of Jay driving, the I-44 road we are traveling on and a picture of my laptop in my lap as I blog about this trip. (Good thing Jay is driving!) It's never a dull time with Jay, so I'll keep you posted, especially if he does/says something erratic. Hey, that's just Jay. :)