Monday, December 25, 2006

Feliz NaviBlog!

I know I am delayed in writing a blog post and for that I apologize. It is Christmas afternoon and I am trying to think of a good Christmas blog post to write. And nothing comes to mind. So I guess that I am here to say "Merry Christmas" and tell you about my fun family get-together. My boys, Jake (6) and Collin (almost 3!) must have been really good because Santa certainly out-did himself! They have truly enjoyed their holiday as they have been playing with their new toys and showing off all of the fun things that they can do. The rest of us have all lounged around watching movies and oh yes, another round of "A Christmas Story" which has aired for the last 24 hours! I even got a special Christmas ornament from my Mom dedicated to the "A Christmas Story" movie, the leg lamp!

It makes me think of the real reason for the season and the true Christmas story. If you don't know it, then I sure hope you read it.

2007 will be a busy year and I will share all of the crazy details with you in upcoming blog posts. In the mean time, please keep checking the 417Dwellings blog and Paul & Jay's blogs as well. They are so much more saavy in their writing-about-real-estate skills than I am. Go enjoy the rest of your lazy Christmas afternoon...if you have nothing else to do, "A Christmas Story" is still on channel TBS for another 3 hours!