Wednesday, January 24, 2007

And God Said, Let There Be Light!

264 hours of no power. But thank God Almighty that it finally came on yesterday!

I took an extra long, hot shower this morning. I took an extra long time to dry my hair and I have never appreciated my morning coffee such much in my entire life! My house feels so warm and it feels so good to be back. I'm really lucky to have a home to go to. Thank you again to everyone who housed us and put up with us for the last 11 days.

Things at work have been so crazy since the fire and the ice storm that it is still taking time for me to snap back into it. Thank you so much to all of our Tenants, Owners, Investors & Clients who have put up with us during this crazy time.

I am super busy with pulling together 2006 year end reports for our Investors, 1099 tax forms for our Sub-Contractors and making sure that everything is in order for all accountants by January 31, 2007. Back to business as usual.