Saturday, January 20, 2007

Going on Day 8

What a fake smile. I am snuggled up to Ty trying my best to stay warm. Not sure how this picture got taken, but I am delirious now and don't care.

When I posted last Monday, I only thought then was I going to snap. Now we're going on Day 8 of no power and another ice/snow storm is blowing thru again. I am starting to wonder how much more I can take! I owe my Mom & Dad a big, huge thank you for meeting me to take the kids to Omaha so they don't have to deal with this cold stress. I am finding that reading other people's blogs about how they are dealing with the ice storm in our area is quite calming as I commiserate with them.

I love how one Springfield-ian claims that it's better to "look good than feel good". I say that only because I am sure that is one of the many reasons why I am getty edgy. I haven't been able to shower at my own house, I've been wearing the same thing 3 outfits for the last 8 days, and I seriously would love to remove the chipped nail polish on my finger nails. I know it sounds shallow, but I'm beyond worrying about that. Can't you tell by the picture?

I've also looked at other people's pics of the ice storm. OK, that didn't help, it just made me think that this is never gonna end. Which isn't according to the weatherman as he predicts 4-6" of snow is to fall on the Ozarks this evening. As my sister says, "oh snap". Whatever that means. I guess I could use the term "plum give out". Thanks for that one, and nice blog by the way.

OK, now I need to stop reading other people's blogs and snap out of this misery. Be glad I have an internet connection, right? Yeah, only because I am at the office trying desperately to catch up on everything at work, and I find myself doing this kind of stuff. Alright I am logging off of the depressing ice blog searches and I'm going to go look into booking a cruise to somewhere warm. Ahh, that's more like it.