Monday, January 08, 2007

Sign me up for some Thin-Mints Laura Frost!

I was a Girl Scout back in the day and the thing that I loved most about it was the challenge to sell the most boxes of cookies. In 1986, at 8 years old, I did it. I sold a whopping 305 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and broke all sorts of state records. I even got a letter from the Girl Scout Council President recognizing my extraordinary cooking selling efforts. Hey, what can I say? I have a flair for challenges and sales! :)

Anyway, my friend, Brooke, forwarded me this adorable video of her co-worker's little girl who is selling Girl Scout cookies in 2007. Man-o-man, if only I had had the power of YouTube to sell my cookies back in 1986!

I'd have to say that I agree with Brooke in saying that this girl is so cute that I just have to buy cookies from her. The best way that I can figure out in how to purchase the cookies is to e-mail her parents YouTube account after watching the video. I think we should all help Laura break all sorts of records in selling the cookies... So buy from her, and let me re-live my Girl Scout days. (This is not any kind of shameless self promotion, I don't even know Laura or her parents!). I just feel that Laura is my type of girl, one who finds creativity in selling cookies and using the power of technology and the internet. That, and I wouldn't want to meet her body guard in a dark alley! LOL.