Saturday, March 10, 2007

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)

I'm on a mission.

Springfield, Missouri desperately needs a local chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) here in the Ozarks. The only chapters in Missouri are in Kansas City and St. Louis. Being a juvenile diabetic myself, I have a strong passion to not only have a place where other type 1 diabetics can connect thru a support group, but where we can locally raise funds to contribute to disease research.

Here's where I am starting:

First, Ty and I have signed up to do the Walk For Diabetes that the JDRF is hosting in St. Louis, MO on 9/30/07. My family will make an effort to raise money for this cause and do the walk. This trip will be two-fold. We will also be making an effort to meet with people of the St. Louis chapter and get an idea of how their organization runs. Please check out of support site for this walk.

Secondly, I am contacting anyone and everyone at the national office in Washington DC to the chapter in St. Louis to see what kind of interest there is in bringing a local chapter to Springfield and what the requirements for this to happen may be.

Third, I am talking to EVERYONE about this cause. I talked to my friend, Heather (who happens to have a lot of experience in running non-profit organizations), who gave me a lot of good insight to think about. I talked to another good friend, Will Worsham (an attorney here in Springfield) who has not only offered to help me get it started but also said that he would gladly volunteer on the board of directors, if needed. He's got a lot of experience with that sort of thing and currently is running his own non-profit organization for Rogersville educators. Will also has a lot of contacts and he gave me some names of several people that are directly impacted by type 1 diabetes. Hopefully these people will be on board and interested in being a member of this organization. And I've talked with my Mom. She has seen and dealt with this disease first hand and the toll that it takes on someone and their family. She will support me and help me if I ask. That and she knows a lot of people who will at the very least...pray for this to happen.
Now I am sure you might be thinking, "what does this have to do with Dizmang Properties?". As you know, this blog has been designated to share my thoughts on my job and the intensity that comes along with working in an ever-growing property management and real estate firm. Although my mission and passion for the JDRF is completely driven by my personal goals, what this does have to do with Dizmang Properties is the fact that Paul Dizmang is the broker/owner of Dizmang Properties. He is my friend and he supports me and my family in everything we do personally. He will not only support me, he will be instrumental in bringing this JDRF organization to Springfield. Which means, that I will also have the support of everyone at the wonderful company that I work for, which is also known to me as my family.
Thank you for reading this post about my mission/passion. I have so much more to say and probably will over many more months and blog postings. To find out more about the JDRF and it's missions, please visit my personal page on their web site.