Sunday, April 01, 2007

S"mac"k Talking about Video Blogging

As a devout PC user, I am making the switch. I have switched to my very first MacBook Pro laptop in an effort to improve our real estate and property management videos. And I must admit, I am really excited about it!

Video blogging has become a big part of Dizmang Properties. We have been actively blogging and video podcasting since February of 2006 and every day it gets better.

We have done our video podcasts on a shoe string budget. It all began when I got a video iPod for Christmas 2005. You could subscribe to video podcasts on iTunes and watch them on your iPod for free. GeekBrief TV and Rocketboom (during the Amanda Congdon days) were two of my biggest inspirations. I immediately thought to myself..."why can't we as a real estate company be doing that?" I researched and researched how to do this and on my shoe string budget, I grabbed my video camera off the shelf at home and turned it on. I shot video of Paul Dizmang and intended to document what he does as a REALTOR Broker and Property Manager. I then edited the video footage with Windows Movie Maker, created an RSS feed and voila posted our Video Podcasts to iTunes.

Now of course, there were a lot of steps in there that I have left out. I don't want to bore you with the details. However, I want you to expect big things from the (417) Dwellings! video podcast series. They are coming and not because we've got big plans...we have a new, sexy mac computer that is going to be key in producing some awesome videos. Keep up with us, because here we go!