Thursday, June 28, 2007

Livin' in a VAN (an organized one) Down By The River

Do you ever wonder how you got things done with out the help of a trusty office colleague? That’s how I feel about Amanda. Amanda started working for us almost 5 months ago and she is awesome. No one in her position has ever picked up as much as she has so quickly. And I wonder what I ever did without her.

Amanda reminds me a lot of myself. She takes a lot of pride and ownership in the work she does. She cares about the Tenants, the Maintenance Staff, and the company as a whole. And she cares about our Owners. Amanda truly is an awesome asset to Dizmang Properties and personally I’m really happy to have her here and can see her taking on a lot more responsibility and really rising up to the challenge in the future.

She, like myself and the other employees, would love to make more money. None of us want to live in a van down by the river (Matt Foley/Chris Farley of SNL 1993-1997). She also knows that our Owners/Investors want to make more money too. None of us are going to make more money if we don’t run a tight, organized, efficient ship. Amanda is making it a mission of hers to organize our maintenance staff, tools and our maintenance van.

And she did it.

She took hold of our rentals maintenance van (a.k.a. “The Red Dragon”) and cleaned it out after 4 years of piling up dirt, grime & lost tools. Wow! I’ve never had an employee do that all in the name of efficiency! She did great and I admire her for the hard work she did to make sure that we all run more organized so that we can fix up our rental properties maintenance issues quicker and be on to the next project. We’ll all certainly make more money that way and worse case, if we are living in a van down by the river, it will be organized.

Amanda – you’re awesome. Thanks for all you do around here!