Saturday, June 30, 2007

Making Friends with Trademark Properties

One of my favorite shows in "The Real Estate Pros" formerly known as "Flip This House and The Real Deal" on the TLC channel. Richard Davis and his protoge, Ginger, do business the same way that Paul and I do business (in most aspects).

We don't "flip" houses the way these guys do. But the hunt & kill method of finding nasty old run down houses and fixing them up is the same. Our Investors just end up keeping the houses and renting them out to Tenants. And where I business differs just a little bit is that we manage the rental properties after we fix them up.

If you're interested in flipping houses and such, these guys at Trademark Properties are definitely pros to watch on TV. Here is Springfield, the pros are Dizmang Properties.

Richard and Ginger are just down-to-earth people that are doing what we do. I've even made them my MySpace friends!