Friday, July 27, 2007

Dizmang Properties Team Say Cheese!

Obviously...we're on it. We had our team pictures taken yesterday and we had so much fun as a group (although we're lookin' pretty rough in this picture!).

I am finally feeling peace at the fact that we have a solid team in place that works well together. There are no issues, we gel together and every one of us treats these properties as if they were our own. Our Investors are lucky that we're on it, even though we don't look so alert here.

Thanks to Amanda & Steve (front row) for being part of our team and making the property management side run smoothly. Thanks to Jay (back row, left) for helping us find properties and get ready for our big Investor Meeting in a few weeks. And to our fearless leader in the center (Paul), thanks for your continued direction, motivation and for treating us so well. Me, (back row, right) I am just going to sit back and let you guys do all the work. Ha-ha.

Keep an (open) eye on our web site, the new pictures will be posted soon. Trust me...this outtake one won't be showing up.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Just A Dip Reading "The Dip"

When do I finally say "that's it, it's not working, I quit"?

This book by Seth Godin gave me some good insight. You see I am in the middle of some major planning and restructuring both personally and professionally. I've blogged about my passion for Web 2.0, video blogging, web design and new technology for REALTORS. I have so many good ideas and plans but for some reason can't get them off the ground because I'm drowning in property management responsibilities and dealing with deadbeat tenants.

Maybe I just have a big head and think that I can do this. (Change the way I do things and make some money!) Or maybe I think that I am more than I really am. OK, this is just a pity party for myself. I guess I am acting like a dip.

So although I've got some good insight, I don't have any idea of which direction to go in yet. Thanks for letting me vent.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

You Don't Pay You Can't Stay--- Posting Eviction Notices

Tenants irritate me. There are a few deadbeats that we rent to that never pony up their rent payment until all of sudden we post a notice.

Yesterday we had to post 12 notices. For the 160 units that we manage, that is the most that I've ever had to post at one time. I gave them until Monday at noon to pay up or we file.

Our Tenant's rent is due on the 1st of each month. If they don't pay by the 12th, then we post a notice giving them approximately 48 hours to pay up or our attorney will file with the court for a court ordered eviction. This is a tedious process that only leads to us getting a judgment of Rent & Possession of the property. Once we have that, the Greene County Sheriff accompanies us to the property within 24 hours and assists us in physically moving the Tenant and their stuff to the curb. It's really not a pretty site, but the Tenants have had more than enough opportunities to pay us what was owed and avoid this hassle.

So here we are, the 14th of the month, eviction notices are posted and I'm already getting angry phone calls from the Tenants we had to post notices to. There really is no need to call my office and cuss out me or anyone on the Dizmang Properties staff. We're just doing our job, and we aren't asking you (the Tenant) to do anything that you haven't already agreed to do when you signed the lease. Sorry, but if you don't pay you can't stay.

Friday, July 13, 2007

I've Stumbled And Can't Get Up!

One of my favorite web time wasters is Stumble Upon. I've known about Stumble Upon for quite some time now, however I've never really had a chance to experience it and now I've stumbled and I can't get up!

Maybe it's because my boss is out of town until Monday. Maybe it's because I have no motivation to work. Maybe it's because I have this obsession to improve our online presence in our web site and video blogs and I'm obsessed with seeing what else is out there. Who knows, but I am completely addicted. You can stumble upon so many different web sites (all tailored to your liking) that can consume your time like crazy. All it does is install a tiny little button on your IE or Firefox toolbar and you click on it and it takes you to the next random, inspiring web page. When in all actuality, it is a good thing for my job, because then we can stay on the cutting edge of web technology.

So therefore you now know...if you get my voicemail...I'm really not away from my desk....I've just stumbled and can't get up!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Therapeutic Kill-Your-Computer Moment

We've all been there (me more than others I am sure)...the moment that we are ready to throw our laptop out the window of the 35th story of the skyscraper building. know what I am talking about. It shuts down, it gives out, it freezes up, and it never works quite right, especially when you need it to.

I have found a very therapeutic site that will help your computer kill itself and give you a good laugh at the same time. Click on the picture and watch your icons go to war.

Now all I need is to see some of my Tenants on that screen go to war on themselves. :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Time is Tickin' Away

No doubt time is flying by. I always think that when they take the fireworks tents down after the 4th of July. This year has gone by fast.

We (Dizmang Associates) have got a lot of big projects coming up and lots of big deadlines. In addition to our normal projects of lease renewals on at least 50% of our properties, rent increases, mid-year reports, we also have some big seminar projects coming up. Our Web 2.0 seminar back in June was a huge hit.

Now we're planning our annual Dizmang Investor's Seminar for the middle of August. We've stumbled across some awesome rental investment opportunities that our group may be very interested in. We also take that time to go plans, forecasts and the like for our group. Each individual Investor gets their own personalized book of reports for their houses. It's a pretty amazing deal.

We also have our all day seminar on Web 2.0 Training on a Shoestring Budget that's coming in early fall. It will be open to the public and will be an all day training seminar for $199/person. For those of you interested in video blogging, podcasting and the nature of the Web 2.0 beast, this is the time to take advantage of our work and find out how to do it yourself. If you're interested, you can always e-mail me.

I'll keep you posted and be sure to give you the inside track as more details progress.