Friday, July 27, 2007

Dizmang Properties Team Say Cheese!

Obviously...we're on it. We had our team pictures taken yesterday and we had so much fun as a group (although we're lookin' pretty rough in this picture!).

I am finally feeling peace at the fact that we have a solid team in place that works well together. There are no issues, we gel together and every one of us treats these properties as if they were our own. Our Investors are lucky that we're on it, even though we don't look so alert here.

Thanks to Amanda & Steve (front row) for being part of our team and making the property management side run smoothly. Thanks to Jay (back row, left) for helping us find properties and get ready for our big Investor Meeting in a few weeks. And to our fearless leader in the center (Paul), thanks for your continued direction, motivation and for treating us so well. Me, (back row, right) I am just going to sit back and let you guys do all the work. Ha-ha.

Keep an (open) eye on our web site, the new pictures will be posted soon. Trust me...this outtake one won't be showing up.