Friday, July 13, 2007

I've Stumbled And Can't Get Up!

One of my favorite web time wasters is Stumble Upon. I've known about Stumble Upon for quite some time now, however I've never really had a chance to experience it and now I've stumbled and I can't get up!

Maybe it's because my boss is out of town until Monday. Maybe it's because I have no motivation to work. Maybe it's because I have this obsession to improve our online presence in our web site and video blogs and I'm obsessed with seeing what else is out there. Who knows, but I am completely addicted. You can stumble upon so many different web sites (all tailored to your liking) that can consume your time like crazy. All it does is install a tiny little button on your IE or Firefox toolbar and you click on it and it takes you to the next random, inspiring web page. When in all actuality, it is a good thing for my job, because then we can stay on the cutting edge of web technology.

So therefore you now know...if you get my voicemail...I'm really not away from my desk....I've just stumbled and can't get up!