Thursday, July 19, 2007

Just A Dip Reading "The Dip"

When do I finally say "that's it, it's not working, I quit"?

This book by Seth Godin gave me some good insight. You see I am in the middle of some major planning and restructuring both personally and professionally. I've blogged about my passion for Web 2.0, video blogging, web design and new technology for REALTORS. I have so many good ideas and plans but for some reason can't get them off the ground because I'm drowning in property management responsibilities and dealing with deadbeat tenants.

Maybe I just have a big head and think that I can do this. (Change the way I do things and make some money!) Or maybe I think that I am more than I really am. OK, this is just a pity party for myself. I guess I am acting like a dip.

So although I've got some good insight, I don't have any idea of which direction to go in yet. Thanks for letting me vent.