Saturday, July 14, 2007

You Don't Pay You Can't Stay--- Posting Eviction Notices

Tenants irritate me. There are a few deadbeats that we rent to that never pony up their rent payment until all of sudden we post a notice.

Yesterday we had to post 12 notices. For the 160 units that we manage, that is the most that I've ever had to post at one time. I gave them until Monday at noon to pay up or we file.

Our Tenant's rent is due on the 1st of each month. If they don't pay by the 12th, then we post a notice giving them approximately 48 hours to pay up or our attorney will file with the court for a court ordered eviction. This is a tedious process that only leads to us getting a judgment of Rent & Possession of the property. Once we have that, the Greene County Sheriff accompanies us to the property within 24 hours and assists us in physically moving the Tenant and their stuff to the curb. It's really not a pretty site, but the Tenants have had more than enough opportunities to pay us what was owed and avoid this hassle.

So here we are, the 14th of the month, eviction notices are posted and I'm already getting angry phone calls from the Tenants we had to post notices to. There really is no need to call my office and cuss out me or anyone on the Dizmang Properties staff. We're just doing our job, and we aren't asking you (the Tenant) to do anything that you haven't already agreed to do when you signed the lease. Sorry, but if you don't pay you can't stay.