Monday, August 13, 2007

My A/C isn't working and it's too hot in here!

Ahhh....Tenants and their emergency calls and demands during 100°+ weather. I think the only one that is working harder than me during these hot months is our heat & air guy, Mike Bankston, and the poor A/C unit at these rental properties.
I had 3 emergency-line calls this weekend and now on Monday morning, more Tenants are coming in saying..."my place won't cool below 75°".
Seriously, 75°??? Are you that big of a baby?? It's over 100 degrees outside and you're worried about your place not being cooler than 75? Just be glad that your a/c unit is working!
Of course it is going to take a little more time to cool your home down. But here is a tip: the more you push the thermostat down to get it cooler, faster in your home, you're going to end up paying that much more in utilities. The cooler you try to make it, the harder your a/c will work, risking the possibility of it going out all together. Believe me, then you will be sweating it out at more than 75°. Come on people, respect your a/c unit and how hard it is working.
And quit only makes me more irritable than I already am due to high temps in the Ozarks. Be glad that you have power to run that a/c, because you were all just complaining to me 6 months ago, during the ice storm, about being too cold. Ride it out people, it's the Ozarks, get used to the weather.