Monday, October 15, 2007

Lovin' Craigslist!

Everyone has talked about Craigslist and I've been on there, however before now I really wasn't that impressed with it. I thought it was a little hard to navigate at first (I kept ending up in the San Francisco area listings) and I also thought it was a little boring...all text gets hard to read sometimes.

But that has all changed. I started posting all of Dizmang Properties available rentals on there in the Springfield, MO listings and I am amazed at just how many people are searching and finding property Craigslist. We have received all sorts of e-mails, phone calls and inquiries about our properties. Now of course you get some morons, but almost all of the inquiries have been legit. The fact that you can post for FREE blows away the whole advertising in the newspaper (which is way too expensive anyway). We get a better response from Craigslist. And because it's free, I am now going to start selling all the crap that is laying around my house...forget eBay, they charge me a fee and I just want to get rid of it!