Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Something Around Here is Bound to be "YouTube Worthy"

As if my obsession for videos isn't already obnoxious and out of control, I have a new toy, opps...I mean TOOL, to aid in my weird desire to catch everything on video. Today I got the new Flip Video camera. What a handy dandy little contraption that fits in my purse, powers up in less than 3 seconds and then "flips" out a USB to transfer the video to my computer (or YouTube account) all in a heartbeat.

I run into so many obscure things every day just driving around, kind of like the guy who was dodging cars in the Campbell & Battlefield intersection the other day with no shoes or socks on and in 28 degree weather. That stuff deserves to be posted on YouTube. Kind of like Fat Man on a Scooter. That was hilarious too.

It will be so much easier for me to catch Tenant's stupidity when they throw parties, destroy (or burn down) our houses, have drug paraphanalia in the house, or allow unapproved pets to reside in our rental properties. I "flip" out the video camera as I am doing inspections and document the lease violations. Then I get to "flip" out on the Tenants as I show them and their co-signers the documentation on film and listen to their sad and pathetic excuses of how they didn't know it was a violation of their lease. (Can you tell I am bitter?) Watch out now. I get sweet revenge with a video camera and a little YouTube action.

It was also be great for following Paul around and catch his every eccentric move as I make him the video blog king of the real estate world. He "flips" out and so do I (with my FlipVideo camera!), now you really see him in raw form...and you only thought you had seen it all when he was in a hot tub!