Monday, December 31, 2007

Just a Few 2007 Cheers & Jeers

As we usher in 2008, here are the "Cheers & Jeers" for our office for 2007:

JEER! January Ice Storm. Knocking out power to 70% of Springfield for 10 days was not a fun time in the world of property management where we manage 175+ rental units and had several fit-to-be-tied Tenants that took their anger with Mother Nature out on us. Really, we didn't cause this ice storm.

CHEER! Amanda Myers came to work for us in February and manage the rental properties and passed her real estate test making her an official real estate agent to sign leases and manage rental property.

CHEER! It has been a successful year for Investors as we purchased 14 units and gained 3 new prominent investors and their properties.

JEER! To the irresponsible Tenants that burned one of our houses down to the ground with their careless smoking in January 2007.

CHEER! To all of the Tenants who paid their rent on time this year. Thank you!

JEER! The merging of The Signature Bank to Bancorp South. Thanks for jacking up the fees, locking us out of our online banking at inconvenient times, and for taking a leap backwards 5 years to a non-real-time data system. What a pain! So sorry BXS, snooze-you-lose out on us keeping our high dollar accounts with your pathetic bank.

CHEER! To Web 2.0 technology like, Facebook, ActiveRain, Twitter and blogging that has allowed me to connect with all sorts of people in the real estate industry and be inspired by them.

JEER! To the slump in the housing market. Come on people, let's stimulate the economy and buy some houses.

CHEER! To a wonderful boss that has put up with me and crazy antics this year. Thank you.