Sunday, January 27, 2008

Objection! Bring It On.

When are people gonna learn not to go up against Dizmang Properties? I love it when a Tenant doesn't get their way and then they get mad and immediately throw around the terms "I'm Gonna Call My Attorney". Yet when you ask them the name of their attorney you get a response of "'m not going to tell you that."

What a bunch of crap. If you, as a Tenant, was really trying to get an issue resolved, then you would let us know your attorney's name so that we could proceed forward with the issue and get it worked out. That's why when a Tenant tries to threaten us with the lawyer bit, we just say "Great! Here is the name of our attorney, who is yours?" (We've got a couple of different ones we work with, so if you really want his name, then leave me a comment!). It is pretty typical that a Tenant is just sue-happy and doesn't really have an attorney if they don't give us a name.

Lawsuit threats don't scare us. First of all, we are an upstanding, honest property management firm and we don't do things unfairly or unjustly to our Tenants. We abide by the terms of the lease. The lease, a legally binding document, is pretty clear (and written by our attorney) and follows the letter of the law. We are not doing anything or asking our Tenant's to do anything that we all haven't already agreed to do when the lease was signed.

I say all this because I'm just irritated with a current Tenant that keeps sending us e-mails over a silly issue that is already outlined in the lease. This Tenant is just being ridiculous and they know that they have no case. So, here is a warning to everyone else that wants to threaten us with a lawsuit...don't go up against Dizmang Properties.