Monday, February 18, 2008

Could You Schedule My Court Eviction for After 5pm?

I'm thinking about re-naming this blog to "Dumb Things That Tenants Say".

Besides the occasional blog-hater comment (usually written anonymously by a past hot-head Tenant) that I receive and delete every so often, I usually get a really good response off this blog. Maybe it's because I keep writing about the idiotic things I hear in property management. Seriously, I don't hate my job or these people, I just think it's hilarious when Tenant's say things that they think makes them sound smart.

So, we posted eviction notices today. And as usual, I get a flurry of phone calls from angry, embarrassed Tenants that want to scream at me. They usually say things like how "unfair I am being" or how they think that "I'm not working with them." They just don't seem to understand why I won't let them live there for free. Like I've said before, I'm not asking them to do anything they haven't already agreed to do when they signed the lease agreement. Today I got a call and the Tenant screams at me with the above mentioned ramblings. And then she calls back to scream at me some more and says that if I'm going to file for eviction, then I better file the court case to occur before 8am or after 5pm because if she leaves her new job she will get fired. Yeah, okay. I'm sure any judge would be happy to hear a case only during the times that are convenient for a dead-beat Tenant that hasn't paid their rent. I calmly try to tell the Tenant that her suggestion is not an option...if she has the money then just pay the rent and no one will have to worry about going to court over this issue. And she screams at me "you suck" and hangs up on me.

"You suck!" Ooohhhh. Good one.