Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Desperately Seeking Sump Pumps!

This blog really isn't the weather channel blog. But for some reason I seem to keep writing about snow, ice storms, a crazy pendulum swinging temperatures. Believe it or not, weather plays a huge part in managing over 200 rental properties.

Over the last 24 hours, Springfield has received 7+ inches of rain flooding out roadways, bridges and basements of homes. Yep, it even made national coverage on The Today Show this morning...only I don't get it....why didn't they send that yummy Matt Lauer to our neck of the woods??

Our 9-1-1 Tenant Emergency Line was ringing off the hook last night and this morning. We have several basements flooded causing hot water tanks and furnaces to quit working. Of course, it also adds up to Tenant complaints, but that was to be expected.

So now we are desperately seeking sump pumps! All the local hardware stores are out. We try our hardest to get our Tenants problems fixed quickly. However, at times like this we certainly appreciate their patience. We'll get you fixed up as soon as possible. Just keep your floaties on.