Thursday, March 27, 2008

You've Been Red-Listed

I'm not quite sure what "red-listed" means, but it's a good term that just slipped out while talking to once again another nut-job in this property management business.

Last week, we had a Tenant and her sister come by and fill out and application for one of our smaller units. She told us that it would be her and her sister living there. Oh and the boyfriend too. The boyfriend wasn't discovered until later after prying a little bit and asking more questions. The tenants listed an address here in Springfield of an apartment they were living in as a current address. Then, they listed another woman's name as their current landlord. When we called the "current landlord" listed to check references, we reached a woman who couldn't quite give us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. (We could just tell). Now this "current landlord" said that the home was a single family home and the tenants lived upstairs, but the address listed an Apartment K number. So we decided to investigate a little bit further. It was a nice day, and we drove over there. We saw no single family home. This is what we saw:

Like I said...this ain't no single family home. So we check into it at the property manager's office on-site. When we explain the situation, she (the real landlord) gets a surprised look on her face and sure enough, she tells us that the "current landlord" listed on our application is one of her tenants. Another a-ha! moment for us!

So we stir it up a little bit more, and we decide to call the fake landlord back and ask her more questions about her single family home. We tell her that it's not quite what we envisioned as a single family home, and she has the audacity to say "well did you check the east or the west side?" Huh?!

After confronting the fake landlord about her lies, we decide to red-list her and the tenants that had applied for the property. Red list is our way of putting together a list of fraudulent people. Therefore, this serves as a warning to all red-list quality people out there. Once again, don't mess with Dizmang Properties.