Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fire!! In A Sensational Way

My day started out on a stressful note this morning. I was running late with kids and in the rush hour traffic, I get a phone call from Amanda on my cell phone. She says "we've had a fire". My heart panics, thinking I can't do this again! So I immediately call Paul and sure enough, he already on the phone with the fire marshal.

This fire was all over the morning newscasts and I should have caught it when they talked about the 800 block of North Forrest Street, but since it was such a crazy morning I guess I just missed it. Supposedly there have been several, recent arson attempts in this part of Springfield, with some crazy teens making molotov cocktails. A molotov cocktail is a fire bomb (of sorts) with a beer bottle, large quantities of gasoline, a rag and a match. The bomb is thrown at a house and set to explode and any manufacturing or posession of such fire bombs are considered a felony. I guess this rental house was a target of one of these arson attempts and the glorious recipient of one of these "cocktails".

Now, granted, this is a dangerous situation and I don't mean to downplay what happened. However, what is so ridiculous is the way the morning news over-sensationalized this story. As scary as a fire bomb sounds...this is what we got:

Yeah, that's what I thought too...over sensationalized. Just another day in the life of property management.